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Environmental Policy

Yamada Infrastructure Technos Co., Ltd. is committed to "Protecting the global environment and valuing the limited resources of the earth."The following are the main activities to promote this initiative.

Environmental objectives

  • (01) We will always be aware of the impact on the local community environment related to our painting work activities and strive to prevent pollution of the local environment.To that end, we will promote intermittent improvement of our environmental management system.
  • (02) We will comply with environmental laws and regulations related to the overall environment in our business activities and other requirements that we agree to.
  • (03) Among the environmental items related to all of our business activities, we will work to improve the following items as priority themes.
    • (01) We will promote energy conservation to prevent regional warming.
    • (02) We will promote the development and practice of eco-clean methods that are friendly to the global environment.
  • (04) In order to achieve the environmental policy, each business site will conduct environmental activities based on legal requirements, environmental aspects it holds, and opinions from interested parties.We will review our objectives and objectives.
  • (05) We will make this environmental policy known to all employees and create a corporate culture that values the environment.
  • (06) This Environmental Policy will be disclosed when there is a request from outside.

Quality Policy

We make full use of our education, training, and action skills as a paint contractor, and continuously improve QMS in the spirit of "Chigyo・unity" to improve customer satisfaction.

Quality Objectives

  • (01) Compliance (Law-abiding)
  • (02) Practice of education and training for quality improvement
  • (03) 4S (Organizing, tidying・ cleaning・ discipline)
  • (04) 75 or more customer ratings

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Yamada Infrastructure Technos Co., Ltd. increases customer satisfaction with high coating technology.In addition, we will always strive to promote environmentally friendly construction and earn the trust of our customers and local residents.
We also have an obligation to ensure all safety and health in all construction work.
We promote management based on quality, environment, and safety, and carry out social responsibility and service.With regard to occupational health and safety in particular, we declare that we will build, maintain, and improve our management system from the recognition of the management foundation itself.

  • (01) We comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and other related laws and regulations, and continuously promote and continuously improve the safety and Health management system.
  • (02) With regard to painting work, which is a feature of our company, we will seek to raise the level of safety and health under the guidance and advice of the government, etc.We will promote activities to eliminate and prevent occupational accidents for employees from thoroughly implementing occupational safety and health.
  • (03) We will educate our employees on occupational health and safety and promote raising safety awareness.We will also actively work with our partner companies to protect the safety of everyone involved in our work.
  • (04) In order to continuously improve the safety and health management system, I will periodically review and check the targets.
  • (05) This Occupational safety and Health Policy shall be disclosed to all employees, stakeholders, and external requesters.

Key Occupational Health and Safety Targets

  • 01Safety is proof of a professional!
  • 02don't compromise on safety!
  • 03make your own efforts to ensure safety!