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What is Lead poisoning?

It is poisoning caused by accumulation in the body by inhaling or licking lead or lead compounds, and when it becomes severe, it causes gastroenteritis and paralysis of the limbs, and it is the worst.There are also cases where a person dies in the event of an accident.

Does lead scraping always have to be done wet?

Lead Poisoning Prevention Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the "Lead Law").In the fourth article of the Law, it is stipulated that it should be wet, except in cases where it is significantly difficult to do so.

In addition, the interpretation rules of Article forty-fourth of the Lead Law stipulate that "significantly difficult cases" refer to the case of using the sandblasting method.
When the quality of 1 type (1 type keren) is required, blasting is indispensable.
The blast is carried out in accordance with the Dust Failure Prevention Rule (hereinafter referred to as the "Dust Rule").The respiratory protection equipment is limited to "air supply mask or air respirator only".This is a stricter rule than respiratory protection for lead work.
Therefore, if the quality of the base material adjustment degree 1 kind is required, by construction equipped with an air supply mask, it is possible to reduce the damage caused by blasting as a significantly difficult case.Dry construction is allowed.

What are the safety measures for lead when blasting?

Please refer to the specific measures example of Yamada Infrastructure Technos.

What kind of construction method is there for wet type?

A typical one is a coating film release agent, but there are other wet blasting methods.

Does it mean that lead countermeasure is unnecessary if it is constructed with a peeling agent?

Actually, this is the most important part.It is often thought that lead measures are unnecessary if a peeling agent is used, but it is a big mistake.From the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to Heisei 26 year 5 month 30 day "on the health disorder prevention of workers in peeling and scraping work of paint containing harmful substances such as lead" and(Hereinafter referred to as the "Lead Notice").It is necessary to take measures according to the contents.

Also, even if a peeling agent is used, it does not peel off neatly depending on the coating film.It is hard to peel off the lead-free rust paint, which was used a lot as a rust-free paint, and the rust can not be removed.Since the coating film remains even at uneven joints, dry peeling by blasting or other means is indispensable as a post-process in order to replace the coating with heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating.

What kind of lead measures are most effective?

As you answered in A2, blasting requires respiratory protection of a stricter standard than lead measures, and it is extremely difficult to remove lead in the dry process.It has been recognized as the most effective and effective way to prevent the spread of HIV/aids.
If reliable safety measures and safety equipment are carried out, the method of peeling the coating film by the blast method from the beginning is economical, and the quality of the heavy anticorrosive coating is also improved.I think.