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Award history

List of awards

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism NETIS registration TH-150007-VE Quasi-recommended technology




Simple assembly

All basic components are systemized and can be assembled by human power without requiring special tools.


High system strength

Maximum load 350kg/㎡ by the combination of the joists (main beam) which realized high strength and weight reduction by truss structure and special high strength chain,A hanging chain pitch of 2.5m ×2.5m is realized.


to build a scaffold that was difficult to build.
Safe and fast

High member rigidity and horizontal turning type assembly method make the work floor safe without dangerous work at high altitude by pre-floor implementation of up to 2.5 m bouncing off from the hanging point.It is possible to make it possible.


Providing a comfortable working space

Wide hanging chain spacing and less deflection provide a comfortable working space with no steps or openings.


By unit hanging
Drastically reduce the number of high-altitude work

Floor units of up to 12.5m x 7.5m can be hoisted at 4 points.Similarly, the assembled floor unit can be hung up and dropped in.By maximizing ground construction work on the ground, the construction period can be shortened while minimizing aerial work and improving safety.


With a variety of options
Clear various construction obstacles

Since it is possible to hang with a chain from various points of the joist (main beam), it is possible to hang from a limited suspension source of the structure without being constrained by the suspension source.can be lowered.
Obstacles in the scaffold can also be provided with work floors without openings and steps due to optional parts of the flooring.


Effect in the field


Horizontal turning
By assembly method
in high-altitude work.
Improved safety


High strength (350kg/m2)
there's a scaffold, a framework, a scaffold.
Can be installed
Effective in truss bridges, etc.


no gaps or steps
Because the chain pitch is wide
of large components
Easy to handle

Working landscape on a river

Actual assembled landscape