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Health Declaration

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Senior Managing Director

Basic Policy

  • We will establish a working environment so that all employees working at our company can work with vigor.
  • In order to raise the health awareness of each individual, we provide health information and create an opportunity to review eating habits and improve the constitution.
  • We will strive to care for the mind and body of our employees and aim to zero employee turnover in mental and health.
  • We hold health events to create a vibrant workplace and promote communication.


"Health lecture" by an external public health nurse

To improve the health literacy of all employees, "Health lectures" by external public health nurses are held 1 time a month

Promoting awareness of health risks

To deepen our understanding of health risks and raise awareness, we promote awareness through posters and other means

Stress check

Implementation of stress check

Establishment of "Health Consultation desk"

Established "Health Consultation Desk" by public health nurses and registered dietitians

Implementation of "Health Check Event"

Implementation of "Health check Event" by health management advisor.Understanding and improving health issues

Implementation of Health-related questionnaires

Implementation of employee health-related questionnaires Understanding, analyzing, and improving issues through Association Kenpo's Business Center Medical Records

Evaluation and improvement of initiatives

Regarding the status of achievement of initiatives We will confirm and evaluate the progress of issues at a "health meeting" once every 3 months.
A review meeting will be held 6 months after the efforts are made to evaluate, improve, and implement them.After that, I will go every 6 months.