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Cost reduction because it is a one-stop service

In the steel bridge repair work, from planning, design and accumulation, construction planning and construction work (floor plate repair, telescopic joint repair and replacement, bearing repair and replacement, bridge prevention equipmentOur company undertakes a series of processes from installation, crack repair and preventive maintenance, ground adjustment, painting, etc.), construction management, and completion.You can reduce the cost.


Quick response because it is a one-stop

Since all decision・making and communication in each process can be completed by one company, time loss in confirmation and judgment can be reduced as much as possible.

And with the use of quick decks, safety and efficiency are further enhanced.


Steel bridge repair work by one-stop construction

Comprehensive support from planning and design to construction construction and completion.
In the field, it is possible to efficiently carry out various repairs to finish painting by utilizing the quick deck owned by the company.

Planning and design - Cost estimation

Planning, design and accumulation

Construction plannning

Construction plan

Construction management - Completion

Construction Management - Completion


Planning, design and accumulation

The shape of the bridge and site conditions vary.We plan and design after carefully investigating the delivery route to the site, the location of equipment installation, and the state of the existing coating film.
We will calculate according to the design content.Based on the results of the coating film survey, safety measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations will also be recorded.

Field survey


Design status

Cumulative status


Construction plan

To meet the requirements of the orderer and to make the construction safer, better, cheaper, faster and less environmental impact.Determine the method and procedure for construction.

To this end, we conduct on・site inspections to understand the surrounding environment, conduct on-site inspections to thoroughly investigate the conditions of the contract with the ordering party, and consult and coordinate with the local community.Based on the preliminary investigation, the construction plan is drawn up after technical examination of the construction method, the construction order, the machine used, etc.

On-site inspection

Process creation


Construction Management - Completion

Construction management is carried out to ensure that the contents described in the construction plan are consistent with the on-site construction, and that the contents can be confirmed, aiming for completion.
In addition to daily form management and quality control, we also manage the machines and materials used.

Installation of scaffolding

Check the shape after the plate repair

Replacement of accounts

Confirmation of environmental compliance of the machine used

In order to handle hazardous substances, management and safety measures for workers are also essential.
We conduct regular in・house patrols (on-site and in writing) to correct any defects immediately.

Morning assembly

Written inspection

Safety inspection by in-house inspection

Clean room installation


Yamada's technical capabilities

Significantly reduce industrial waste
Pioneer of grinding material recycling type blast

Circulating blast method®︎

i'll beat the iron bridge and protect it.
Corrosion prevention and fatigue crack prevention can be achieved at the same time

Eco-clean hybrid method

World-class safety and efficiency suspended scaffolding
We provide advanced steel bridge long life

Quick Deck

Thorough pursuit of safety and comfort
Upper and lower separation type full body protective clothing with air supply function

Eco Clean Cool Suit

Curing sheet for blasting
Reliably prevents leakage of paint film debris and other debris to the scaffold

Eco Clean Blast Sheet

Greatly reduces dust during blasting
Effective for old coatings containing lead and other harmful substances

Circular wall blasting Robot

Improved grinding capacity and recycling rate
Direct suction type blast method

of twin nozzles
Recycling blast method

Technology to delay or stop crack growth
Preventive maintenance of cracks is also possible

Eco Clean Crack Buster

By adopting high power pulse laser irradiation and dust collection system
Coating film - Technology to remove rust

For steel structure surface treatment
Laser Cleaning Method (JPL method)

It greatly improves the water stop performance、
Expansion and contraction equipment for road bridges with excellent load-bearing capacity

Hybrid Joints for Road Bridges

Improve maintainability without damaging pavement etc.
One-side bolt that does not protrude the screw tip on the opposite surface of the structure


Greatly reduces dust during blasting
Effective for old coatings containing lead and other harmful substances

Eco-clean Bio

Examples of various bridge repair works

Repair of telescopic device

Floor slab crack repair

Installation of falling bridge prevention device

Hit plate repair

Replacement of support

Crack closure

crack buster

Eco Clean Crack Buster

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism NETIS registration TH-150007-VE

By pneumatic needle peening
Close fine cracks and stop and delay the progress of cracks