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Lead poisoning occurs in repainting work
The main causes of the case

The presence or absence of hazardous chemical substances such as lead is not grasped.Or not known.
The selection of respiratory protective equipment and protective clothing is not appropriate.
The work was carried out with the respiratory protection removed.
Dust removal by dust collector etc. is not appropriate.
Or do not perform dust removal.
Incomplete or incomplete washing equipment, hand washing equipment, etc.
Lead work chief has not been appointed.

Approach to the Lead Poisoning Prevention Rule (Lead Law)

(Scraping off lead-containing paint)

When a business operator engages a worker in the work of scraping off lead-containing paint of a thing coated with lead-containing paint among the lead-containing work listed in the fourth eighth of the attached Table of the Ordinance, the company shall be responsible for the work of the lead-containing paint.The following measures must be taken:

(i) The lead business shall be carried out by wet method, except in cases where it is significantly difficult.
The lead-containing paint that has been scraped off should be removed immediately.

Rules for interpretation

  • The first "significantly difficult case", when using a sandblasting method, or coated surface is iron, there is a rust generation by moistening.It means the case in which the user is not allowed to use the Service.
  • The first "wet" means that the scraping surface of the lead-containing paint is sufficiently moistened regardless of the method.

Yamada infra technos


Understanding of harmful ingredients

When harmful substances are detected, the elution amount in the coating film waste is measured to determine whether or not specially controlled industrial waste.(Elution test)
Assign a "Special Management Industrial Waste Management Manager" to properly perform the processing work if applicable

Installation of proper dust collection and exhaust system

So that the capacity of the exhaust side is larger than the supply side

Capacity and number of dust collectors so that "the air inside the isolated space can be ventilated more than 1 time in 4 hours" required for asbestos (asbestos) scattering prevention measuresIt is not the first time that the U.S. has been accused of violating the constitution.

Protective equipment to protect workers

Thorough washing and cleaning

A clean room is installed at the workshop entrance.Even after the completion of the blasting operation, it will be lead work until the removal of the blast curing sheet, so when entering the work place, it is necessary to use breathing protective equipment with electric fan.+ Equipped with protective clothing to enter.In addition, in order not to bring harmful dust to the outside, we thoroughly remove and store protective equipment in clean rooms.

Displaying Prohibitions in Quarantine Zones

Thorough transportation and storage of dust

Health management of workers

We create our own manual ・We post matters related to lead work on the site and make it known to all workers to create a safe working environment.