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Relationship between PCB and Paint

Salt rubber-based paints prior to Showa 47 have a high probability of containing trace PCBs to increase the stability, durability, and anticorrosion properties of the paint, but in Showa 49, "Salt rubber-based paints" was introduced.More of the enforcement of the Law on the Examination and Production of chemical substances "The principle of manufacture, import and use is now prohibited.(There is a possibility that PCB may be included in the raw material of paint manufactured before Showa 49, and that paint is rarely used in the early Showa 50's.)Unlike transformers and high voltage capacitors, the PCB contained in the paint is a very small amount.Therefore, it is treated and treated as a low concentration PCB contaminant.

Special Measures Law for Proper Disposal of PCB Waste

Processing deadline for low concentration PCB waste 2027/3/31

Heisei 13 year 6 month 22 day was promulgated in the "Special Measures Law on the promotion of proper treatment of polychlorinated biphenyl waste" thing, the year 7 month 15 day from the enforcementIt was a great experience.Under the law, businesses that own PCB waste must report the storage status, etc., and must dispose of it properly within a period of time.It's a good idea.

Processing method


The responsibility for the treatment of low concentration PCB waste lies with the orderer.The orderer must handle the order properly in accordance with the law.(PCB Special Measures Law)

Low concentration PCB waste treatment facility

The method of removing old coating films such as steel bridges by blasting and recovering coating film waste peeled off during substrate adjustment and used grinding materials + sorting → recycling and reuse.Circulating blast method®As a result, the generation of industrial waste and CO2 is significantly suppressed, thus reducing the burden on the environment.
In order to realize a "decarbonized society," Yamada Infrastructure Technos uses sand, which produces more waste, to perform blasting operations on steel, which produces less waste."Circular blast method using a ball®We will continue to promote initiatives to switch to "What we want to do".

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