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As a repair method for fatigue cracks in steel bridges, plate repair has been adopted as an effective means.
The reinforcement plate is attached with high strength bolts, but depending on the repair point, the road surface is restricted by traffic, asphalt and concrete are chipped, and the bolt is fixed.After tightening the bolt, it was necessary to recover.

TRS (thread rolling screw) is a high-strength bolt that makes an anchor (bolt head) on the back and stops it, but it does not make an anchor and it stops it from one side.It is an epoch-making bolt that can be fixed with only one bolt.
By adopting this method, traffic regulation of the road surface and restoration of the chipping of the pavement surface are unnecessary, and construction costs and social losses due to traffic regulation can be suppressed.You can also use the following methods:(Our company has a track record of being employed in the repair work of the Meiko Nishi-ohashi Bridge.))

Cut the asphalt, etc., and stop the board.

Traffic restrictions required
The construction period is long and the repair cost is high.

No need to chisel asphalt etc.

No traffic restrictions required
Shorter construction times ・ Very economical

Actual construction status