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  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism NETIS Registration KT-230024-A



When performing seismic reinforcement of concrete piers, it is necessary to clean the surface of the main frame, but the generation of large amounts of dust has become a problem with conventional construction methods.

Our "circulating wall blasting Robot" is designed to support half of its own weight by the adsorption force of the dust collector and the other half by wire.
It adsorbs to the concrete surface and performs surface treatment while automatically lifting and lowering at a width of 30 cm, so it is possible to construct without scattering of dust.

In addition, circulating blast method®︎By utilizing the "Recycling and reuse system", the grinding material and concrete powder are separated.
The industrial waste has become only concrete powder, and along with that, it has become possible to reuse grinding materials.



Effect in the field

Before construction

After construction



Impeller motor5.5KW・Cleaning width: 300mm
Dimensions: 560*520*865 Weight: 120kg
Ultrajet dust CollectorWeight: 300kg
Automatic lifting device with horizontal guideWeight: 45kg
Grinding materials usedSUS shot material particle size 1.2mm