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Award history

List of awards

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism NETIS registered CB-190009-VE
  • Japanese Patent No. 6978039
  • JIS T 8153 (air supply mask)
  • JIS T 8115 (Chemical protective clothing)



Do you use a "mask with electric fan" when blasting or using a coating film release agent?
Because the mask with electric fan does not have explosion-proof performance, it is dangerous to use it in organic solvent work.On the other hand, it is mandatory to equip "mask with electric fan" or "mask of equal or higher" for peeling work of lead-containing coating film.It is recommended to wear "Eco Clean Cool Suit" to protect workers from organic solvents and heat stroke when working with peeling agent.
We believe that by reducing the burden on the body of workers and improving safety, we can also improve the quality of blasting.

Prevention of health problems for workers during peeling and scraping of paint containing lead and other harmful substances
4.(4) -For workers working and monitoring in the area, they must wear respiratory protective equipment with electric fans or an air respirator with equivalent or higher performance,Wear an oxygen respirator or air supply mask. Excerpts from (Keian Labor Development 0530 No. 2)

Peeling agent spraying operation status

Scraping work status

Eco Clean Cool Suit was selected as "Recommended Technology" in the Reiwa 5th fiscal year.

To further enhance the level of technology related to public works, the innovative technology "Promotion" was selected by the New Technology Application System Review Committee (Panel of Experts).The Eco-Clean Cool Suit has been selected as the "Eco-Clean Cool Suit" for the "Eco-Clean Cool Suit" award.
The technology to be selected will be recommended from among the technologies that have been evaluated as "useful new technologies" and "VE" at the evaluation meeting of each regional development Bureau.

The result of the air supply for 3 minutes through the cold air conversion device


Temperature drops by 7.2°C
Humidity drops by 24.8%

inside the scaffolding in the summer
Ensure a comfortable environment