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  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism NETIS registration CB-190023-VE



In the conventional flame-proof sheet, there are very many cases that it is damaged by the impact of scattering such as crushing and reflection of the grinding material, and repair and replacement are required each time.It was a great experience.If repair is neglected, harmful dust will leak into the scaffold.On the other hand, the efficiency of the blasting work with the repair will be reduced.
"Eco Clean Blast Sheet" was born there.
Because it boasts high durability and flexibility, and does not require repair or replacement, it improves the efficiency of blasting construction and reduces the amount of waste.
Leakage to the scaffold such as paint film residue can be reliably prevented, and there is no risk of harmful substances flowing out to the outside, and it is safe.It also conforms to the fire protection performance specified in the Fire Service Law.We demonstrate the effect in the actual site.

Durability test (in-house method test)


A conventional flame-proof sheet and an eco-clean blast sheet are laid on the thick plate, respectively, and metal grinding material is injected directly for 10 seconds.

Traditional flame-proof sheet: greatly damaged

Eco Clean Blast Sheet: No damage


Grinding material: Metal-based grinding material
Injection distance: 35cm
Injection pressure: 0.6MPa
Injection time: 10 seconds
Test temperature: 25℃


Low temperature durability test using cold resistance test chamber

-15°C point: No hole / crack

-17°C point: Slight crack


in the conventional sheet
i can't stand it.
Up to about -15℃
Durability can be maintained

Flexibility test (test according to JIS K7127)

-50mm point - 70mm: Fracture

-50mm point - 170mm: without breaking


Compared to conventional sheets
Great flexibility
in a variety of shapes


Effect in the field

Protection of flat surfaces

Comparison in the field

Only the conventional flame-proof sheet is torn

Protection of uneven parts

Traditional flame-proof sheet: greatly damaged

Eco Clean Blast Sheet: No damage



Highly flexible and easy to handle complex shapes

It also conforms to the fire protection performance specified by the Fire Service Law

We will prepare the size according to your wishes, such as "I want to make it half the size".
Please feel free to contact us first.