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Consideration for the local environment

Initiatives for a Low-Carbon Society

The method of removing old coating films such as steel bridges by blasting and recovering coating film waste peeled off during substrate adjustment and used grinding materials + sorting → recycling and reuse.Circulating blast method®As a result, the generation of industrial waste and CO2 is significantly suppressed, thus reducing the burden on the environment.
In order to realize a "decarbonized society," Yamada Infrastructure Technos uses sand, which produces more waste, to perform blasting operations on steel, which produces less waste."Circular blast method using a ball®We will continue to promote initiatives to switch to "What we want to do".

Initiatives for a Circular Society

Recycling type blast method, which is an environmentally friendly blast method®Based on "Eco-Clean", an epoch-making new method that enables shot peening, a technology that improves fatigue strength of steel materials by simply adding 1 processWe have developed the "Hybrid Method".It is also effective for improving fatigue durability of on-site welds in new bridges.The more you do it, the stronger the iron becomes, and it is a new method that can be returned to the world in a better form.We aim for a recycling society by realizing a sustainable and long life of infrastructure.

Symbiosis with local Communities

Aiming for a city free of garbage

Based on the philosophy of "Reducing waste and changing the world", we carry out volunteer activities such as the "Eco-cap movement" and "cleaning activities" as needed.

Creating a Future with dreams

Yamada Infrastructure Technos considers the maintenance of bridges that support safe and secure living as its mission, and is working to provide the children who will lead the next generation and the general public with the support of the construction industry.We want people to know the actual situation, feel the charm of the site that can not be learned only through textbooks and the internet, learn the importance of infrastructure development even a little, and we want people to learn the importance of infrastructure development.We are carrying out activities to convey from such thoughts.At elementary schools, we hold hands-on learning to paint our own school, which is a familiar structure, and at high schools, we hold tours on the actual site.